Saturday, March 24, 2012

It's Spring: Highlights from Saturday's Show

Hello Spring!  I can't begin to tell you how excited I am that Spring arrived this week.  The weather has been nice & sunny (for the most part), and all of my favorite flowers are blooming again.  On today's show, I spoke about another random assortment of topics from Spring Cleaning tips to Kindness Missions and Recipes.  So here's a recap.

Keeping Matching Sheets Together
Spring Cleaning: Closet Organization
As I mentioned on-air, organization is not my strong suit.   I've been wanting to reorganize a bit and as I was skimming articles over the past few weeks I came across an image that caught my attention.  I've pasted it to the right.  It's a perfectly organized linen closet, when it promised to teach me how to fold my fitted sheets so they lay as perfectly as Martha's I was sold.  I can't believe that I have lived this long without knowing how to fold fitted sheets.  Up until now, rolling them into an awkward ball seemed perfectly fine.  Kidding... Well, sorta.  Anyway, the following two tips will first teach you to fold your fitted sheets if you are like me and find them awkward beyond believe, and second show you a nifty trick to keep your sheet sets together as the image to the right shows.  I tried both tips, and here's my verdict.  Folding fitted sheets properly is going to take practice, but my end result was much improved than the ball technique I mentioned.  Using the second tip to keep sheet sets together worked, but mine do not look this nice.  More practice I suppose.

Tip 1: How to fold a fitted sheet
Tip 2: How to Keep Matching Sheets Together

Cherry Blossoms
Spring Kindness
One afternoon this past week a co-worker showed several of us a bit of kindness by leaving little bouquets of Cherry Blossoms on some of our desks, and it really brightened my day.  Cherry Blossoms are one of my favorite flowers.  So I got to thinking, it's been a while since I talked about little acts of random kindness or Kindness Missions as some have lovingly called them.  I love kindness missions, especially when they are covert and anonymous.  It's fun to sneak around and leave a little love for someone to find.  At the beginning of the year I shared that one of my goals was to spread more kindness this year.  The beauty of the goal is that it doesn't always require much time or money.  Little Acts of Kindness do quite nicely.  Since I received a bundle of flowers this week, my personal mission will be to randomly and anonymously pay this forward.  If you want to join me in this Mission here's the details: gather some flowers from your garden or buy a bouquet of spring flowers (doesn't have to be expensive) then anonymously leave a flower or little bouquet for someone.  Neighbors and strangers are especially nice to leave random kindness for.  Tuck a flower in the door handle of a strangers car at the grocery store, or leave a flower on your neighbors porch with a happy little note attached.  If you aren't into flowers, then look for another way to show kindness this week.    :)

Spring Recipes:
I'll be adding several spring recipes (or that's my goal) over the next few weeks.  You can also check out my recipe blog for other ideas that I've found over the past few months.  I'm noticing that my recipe addiction is really showing on this blog.  Hope you don't mind too much.  :)

Apple Pear Salad
Deviled Potatoes
Garlic Herb Roasted Chicken
Strawberry Mousse Cake
Lemon Tea Bread
Nutter Butter Banana Pudding

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