Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Father's Day Fact or Fiction & Blueberry Tuesday

Fact or Fiction:  Father's Day, Fact or Fiction, and the 88.5 Days of Summer have collided, and that means more incredible prizes for you.  Starting today, you could give Dad an incredible Father's Day gift simply by playing fact or fiction weekdays at 7:20 am.  Winners will receive 4 tickets to 88.5 WJIE Day at Slugger Field during Father's Day weekend on June 16.  Plus, all winners will be registered for the 88.5 Days of Summer grand prize drawing for backstage passes and VIP seating to the Newsboys Concert on Aug 20.  Keep listening for your chance to win on 88.5 WJIE!

Blueberry Tuesday:
To celebrate summer, this week's Blueberry Tuesday recipe is a fruity rendition of a summer favorite.  This may be just what your rainy Tuesday needs.  Enjoy!

Blueberry Lemon Iced Tea

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day: Morning Show Highlights

We remember, and 
we Thank you.
Thank you to all of the veterans and active soldiers who have sacrificed so much for the protection of this nation.  As you go throughout the holiday, remember to pray for our soldiers and their families; and if you are given the opportunity, say thanks.

Sunscreen Tip Recap:
Just a reminder, don't forget to use sunscreen of at least 15 SPF, and reapply sunscreen every 1 1/2 to 2 hours.  The sun is hottest between 10 am - 4 pm.  Take frequent breaks, and drink lots of water.  If you are currently using a prescription, check with your doc or pharmacist.  Some prescriptions can react with the sun.  Here's a link to a previous post with info about why not to use spray sunscreens or SPFs of 50+

Hello Sunshine: Sunscreen Safety

Water Safety:
This morning I mentioned that the YMCA offers affordable classes for new swimmers or anyone wanting to brush up on their swimming skills.

Here's the link: {Click Here}

Grilling Tips:
I forgot to post the grilling tips Saturday so I'll post both links today.  They are both from Real Simple.

Saturday I mentioned an article called, "How to Grill Anything" which has some great tips on grilling everything from fruits and veggies to all varieties of meat.  I think it's worth a read even for proficient grillers.

Today I mentioned "Tips to Grilling a perfect burger" from Real Simple and "Best Burger Recipes" from Food Network.

Peach Popsicle Breakfast:
It's Memorial Day.  It's blazing hot already, and all I can think about is peach Popsicles, because that's totally not a weird breakfast.  :)  Albeit, Peach Ice Cream sounds amazing too.  I found these recipes this a.m.  So I thought I'd share.  Enjoy!

Chunky Peach Popsicles (only 33 calories a piece - Score!)
Peach Ice Cream

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Show

Summer Heat Safety Tips:
It's going to be hot this weekend, and we have some heat advisories.  Here's a couple of reminders for the holiday weekend:

  • Hydrate: Don't wait until you are thirsty, but drink plenty of fluids throughout the day.  Eat foods that are hydrating, like cold watermelon.  Make sure that you primarily drink water and avoid liquids that have lots of caffeine and sugar because they dehydrate you.  This will also help you replace any salt/minerals you've lost from sweating.
  • Wear loose, lightweight, light colored clothing.
  • Pace yourself if you aren't used to working outdoors.
  • Take breaks often in air conditioned places.  
  • Check on Elderly family and friends make sure they have air conditioned conditions and plenty of water.
  • Make sure pets have plenty of cool water, and keep them indoors if possible.
  • Avoid hot foods and heavy meals - they add heat to your body.
Signs of Heat Stroke:
If you think someone is becoming severely overheated get them to a shady area and cool them rapidly.  Monitor their temperature, and contact medical professionals for further instructions. Warning signs of heat stroke vary.  Here are a few signs to look for:
  • Extremely high body temperature (above 103 deg F)
  • Red, hot, and dry skin (no sweating)
  • Rapid strong pulse
  • Throbbing headache
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Confusion
  • Unconsciousness

Easy Packing Tips for Summer Travel: here's a few of my favorite easy packing tips for summer travel.

Tissue Paper Wrinkle Preventer:
Hate ironing?  Avoid it by packing clothes between layers of tissue paper for wrinkle free travels.
Conditioner as Shaving Cream:
Lighten your luggage, use conditioner as shaving cream.
Address Label Travel ID Tags:
Tag your precious travel items, such as your iPod and digital camera with return address labels. If you accidentally leave them a Good Samaritan will know where to mail it.
Towel Plant Waterer:
Keep plants hydrated while you're away by placing a towel in a bathtub or sink. Fill the basin with about 2" of water, then thoroughly water the houseplants. Place the plants on top of the towel and they will soak up the water.
Plastic Drinking Straw as Knot Preventer:
For tangle-free jewelry during your travels, unclasp the chain, thread it through a plastic drinking straw, and reclasp. For a shorter chain, cut the drinking straw to the desired length.
Matchbox as Travel Sewing Kit:Matchboxes make perfect mini sewing kits for on the go clothing emergencies.  Once the sticks are gone, fill a matchbox with a few sewing essentials: needles, thread, buttons, and a few safety pins. 
Button Ear Ring Holder:
Keep sets of earrings together on your next trip by fastening them to a button so they won't get separated in your jewelry bag or suitcase pocket.
Altoids Tin as Crayon/Activity Boxes:
Use Altoid Tins to hold crayons or small toys to keep kids entertained in the car or during the next waiting room visit.
Shower Cap as Shoe Bag:
Prevent dirt or sand from soiling the clothing in your suitcase by sliding them in a cheap disposable shower cap. For more tips, check out the full article at Real Simple.

Tenth Avenue North: "Losing"
Here's an unique lyric video for their latest song.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

88.5 Days of Summer: Morning Show Highlights

88.5 Days of Summer:
It kicks off today at Noon and wraps up August 20th with the free Newsboys Concert at the fair.  We will have lots of cool stuff going on.  Everyone who wins an on-air prize during the 88.5 Days of Summer will be automatically registered to win backstage passes and VIP seats to the Newsboys Concert.  For more info: check out

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Primary Tuesday Morning Show Highlights

Primary Elections Today for Kentucky:
The Primary Elections for Kentucky will be held today.  I would like to encourage everyone to vote.  Here are a few resources for the elections, including an online Voter Guides and Poll Information.

Voter Guides & Candidate Info:
Voter Guide: Voter Guide Website
KY Candidate Survey: Vote Kentucky Website

Voter Registration & Poll Information:
Voter Information Center: Kentucky Voter (All Counties)
Louisville Metro Voter Info: Jefferson County Clerks Office
Bullitt Co. Voter Info: Bullitt County Clerks Office
Other Voting/Poll Info for KY:

Article Referenced
5 Healthy, Energy Boosting Foods:
If you are needing a little extra energy this morning, we mentioned that there are 5 foods that are healthy and will give you that boost you need to get through your day. 

WATER: Ok, so I don't consider this a food, but it was in the article because H2O is one of the quickest energy boosters out there. When we become dehydrated, our energy plummets and our brains gets foggy, which makes it hard to concentrate. 
OATMEAL: Grains have been getting a bad rap lately, but whole grains are still one of the best sources of energy we have.  The fiber and carbohydrates in oatmeal provide a long-lasting, consistent source of energy that can be dressed up in a million different ways.
EGGS: Protein builds strong muscles and helps keep you full.  Eggs are a clean and easy source of protein, and many different ways to cook them.  It's easy to keep them interesting. 
BANANAS:  Potassium deficieny-a problem that can manifest in a variety of ways, including lethargy and memory problems. This necessary nutrient, which is also found in dried apricots, figs, and plums, helps regulate the body's nervous and muscular systems. 
FISH: Research shows a link between memory, test-taking skills and, gulp, eating fish for breakfast. While that's not typically pleasing to little palates, the benefits are huge. The omega 3 fatty acids found in fatty fish like wild salmon have been proven to reduce depression and hyperactivity and increase focus and concentration. In addition, all that high quality protein keeps kids' blood sugar (and therefore their moods) steady while keeping them full for hours. 

Mercy Me's CD Release:
The latest album from Mercy Me releases today.  It's called, "The Hurt and the Healer."  Pick up your copy today!  Also, don't forget to play Fact or Fiction with us at 7:20 am each day this week for your chance to win a copy of Mercy Me's album, a Mercy Me wrist watch, and a bonus CD.

Blueberry Tuesday:
It's Blueberry Tuesday, and I didn't forget to post the recipe on time this week.  Here is another recipe to take the "not quite midweek" blues out of your morning.  This week it's a good one - Blueberry Streusel Bread.

Blueberry Streusel Bread

Plugged-in DVD Review:
If you will be renting a DVD this week, check out the Plugged in DVD Review today.  It's coming up this morning at 7:20 am and then again at 5:20 pm.  This week's review will be about the animated film, "The Secret World of Arrietty."  To make sure that this film is right for your family, listen to the Plugged-in DVD Review right here on 88.5 WJIE!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Morning Show Highlights

Motivation for your Monday Fitness:
Our good friends, Bob and Caroline Scott of the Louisville Athletic Club shared another great Fitness tip this morning to Motivate your Monday Fitness.  Today's tip was about Heart Rate Monitors. Here is a recap:

"Being a group cycling instructor for almost 8 years, I get this question alot... 'Should I use a heart rate monitor?' In my opinion, if you make cardiovascular activity part of your regular exercise routine, you should most definitely use a heart rate monitor. Why? Well, the reason is simple. You will get more out of your workouts because you will know precisely which zone you are working in. It will help you learn how you feel at a given heart rate and you will become a better judge of your exercise tolerance. Many models today can actually keep track of your progress as well. In my opinion, it is best to use the heart rate monitors that consist of a watch and a transmitter strap that you wear just below your chest. You can purchase these at any sporting goods store ranging in price from $50-$200+ (more advanced models). They are the most accurate way to keep track of your heart rate. So, if you decide to get one and really become aware of which zone your body is working, start out by finding your maximum heart rate. A really simple way is to subtract your age from 220. This is only a rough estimate, however, and more extensive tests can be administered for more accuracy." - Caroline Scott

Healthy Heart Zone (Warm up) --- 50 - 60% of maximum heart rate: The easiest zone and probably the best zone for people just starting a fitness program. 
Fitness Zone (Fat Burning) --- 60 - 70% of maximum heart rate: This zone provides the same benefits as the healthy heart zone, but is more intense and burns more total calories. 
Aerobic Zone (Endurance Training) --- 70 - 85% of maximum heart rate: The aerobic zone will improve your cardiovascular and respiratory system AND increase the size and strength of your heart.
Anaerobic Zone (Performance Training) --- 85 - 90% of maximum heart rate: Benefits of this zone include an improved cardio respiratory system, and your endurance will improve.
Red Line (Maximum Effort) --- 90 - 100% of maximum heart rate: Although this zone burns the highest number of calories, it is very intense. Most people can only stay in this zone for short periods. 

Keep in mind, the ideal heart rate for a typical aerobic workout is anywhere from 65-85% of your max heart rate.  
For more great Fitness Tips, visit Caroline's Blog

Primary Elections Tomorrow:
The Primary Elections for Kentucky will be held tomorrow.  I would like to encourage everyone to vote tomorrow.  Here are resources for tomorrow's elections, including an online Voter Guides and Poll Information.

Voter Guides & Candidate Info:
Voter Guide: Voter Guide Website
KY Candidate Survey: Vote Kentucky Website

Voter Registration & Poll Information:
Voter Information Center: Kentucky Voter (All Counties)
Louisville Metro Voter Info: Jefferson County Clerks Office
Bullitt Co. Voter Info: Bullitt County Clerks Office
Other Voting/Poll Info for KY:

Fact or Fiction:
Don't forget to play Fact or Fiction with us every weekday morning at 7:20 am!  This weeks prize is a Mercy Me prize pack featuring a copy of Mercy Me's new album "The Hurt & the Healer," a super cool super stylish Mercy Me wrist watch from Hello Somebody, and a bonus CD. Play Fact or Fiction for your chance to win on 88.5 WJIE!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Unique Summer Fun: from Saturday's Show

Unique Summer Activites:
On this morning's show I mentioned that I would be sharing some unique ideas I found for your family and friends to try this summer.  I'm always looking for fun things to do with my family and friends or things to make our favorites more interesting.  Have fun this weekend.  

Pinhole Disposable Cameras
Disposable Camera Tour:
I think this is probably one of my favorites.  Bypass the instant photo technology just for today.  There’s something satisfying and beautifully nostalgic about having to crank three times before taking your next photo. Buy cheap disposable cameras for everyone in your group or your family and take a Saturday to create a unique “scrapbook” which features everyone's favorite moments from your day.  Wander around the city, visit parks or the zoo, have a picnic or try new restaurants.  This is a great way to bring a new element of fun to things you and your family and friends already enjoy.  Plus It adds purpose to aimless wandering, and you may even discover new local favorites.

Host an Outdoor Movie Night:
Make the most of summer evenings by setting up a projector to show a movie on the side of your house, garage door, etc. Ask friends & family to bring lawn chairs, cushions, blankets and their favorite snacks. You can even set up a bonfire in the back for making S’mores.  Or try out the Campfire Cone Recipe at the bottom of this post.  Also, check out the Giver's Log for some excellent outdoor movie night tips!  I loved their step by step instructions on how to create your own movie screen.

Kindness Missions: 
Your challenge... Make some money then give it away!
A Kindness Mission is simply an organized Random Act of Kindness, and there are a least a million different ways to do this so get creative. That's half the fun.  Here are a couple ideas to get you started: you could pass out individually wrapped Popsicles or bottles of water at a ball game, pass out coupons or small gift cards for free ice cream, mow lawns, give away little bottles of bubbles at the park.   If you don't have the funds for your kindness mission, raise money with a yard sale or lemonade stand.  The whole process of doing something nice for someone else is a lot of fun.  There is also a corporate Random Act of Kindness Day coming up on June 16.  I'll be talking more about this later.  For now, visit Love Louisville for more info.

Plan a surprise picnic: 
Surprise your family or friends with a picnic lunch. Just show up with a blanket, basket, and maybe a Frisbee.  You might just be their favorite person for the day.  Here are some great picnic tips from Taste of Home!

Make Campfire Cones:
At your next picnic, camping trip, grill out, or outdoor movie night try this super cute twist on the traditional S'more.  I think I'm in love with this easy dessert idea.  It certainly provides endless possibilities for an easy summer dessert that the whole family will love.  Click here for the recipe:

Campfire Cones

Scavenger Hunt:
Here is another fun idea that really has endless possibilities as well.  Host a scavenger hunt for your family or friends.  If you aren't feeling especially creative, here's a really cool new program in Louisville to inspire you.  It's called the Louisville Quest, and it's part Scavenger Hunt part Historical Tour.  They offer them most Saturdays.  Check out the Louisville Quest Website for more info.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Latte Love: Morning Show Highlights

News Article Referenced; or Article 2
Live a Latte Longer: 
In the news this morning, studies are showing that those who drink 6 cups of coffee a day live longer.  Guys in the study lived 10% longer, ladies 15% longer.  They aren't quite sure what it is about drinking coffee that is so good for you.  There are apparently over 1,000 components that go into coffee, and any one of them could be causing people to live longer.  It could even be that the process of preparing and drinking coffee is soothing and the stress reduction is what is causing people to live longer.  The studies were not affected by whether or not the coffee contained caffeine, so decaf drinkers are getting the same benefits.  They don't particularly want people to take this as a goRegardless, I'm happy that I no longer have to feel guilty about already being half way to the 6 cup coffee goal this morning.  Cheers.  :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hello Sunshine: Morning Show Highlights

Happy Wednesday!
We are half way to the weekend, and it is amazingly beautiful outside the studio this morning.  I have still been about a day behind with posting Morning Show recaps.  Part of yesterday's recap is up, but I wanted to put more heart into what I shared about Confidence yesterday so that will probably be a separate post.  I did finally post the Blueberry Tuesday Recipes too.  Scroll down, and check them out!  They are yummy and healthy... for the most part.  :)

Sunscreen Safety: (Article)
If you plan to be out enjoying the sunshine this week this tip is for you.  Make sure that you and your family protect your skin this summer with the right sunscreen.  Only about one in five people actually do so on a daily basis.  Adults need to apply a palmful of sunscreen every two hours. It's best to avoid the sun completely from 10:00am-2:00pm.  Try to use a hat, clothing, and sunglasses as your primary protection.

How to Choose the Right Sunscreen:
What to avoid:  Avoid these dangerous ingredients this summer: Retinyl palmitate may cause tumors and lesions to develop more quickly when skin is exposed to the sun. Oxybenzone is linked to hormone imbalances and could cause allergic reactions. Alternatives: Try choosing products with one of these ingredients instead: zinc, titanium dioxide, avobenzone, or Mexoryl S.
Say "No" to Sprays: Sunscreen in sprays or powders formulations can fill the air with tiny particles which are dangerous to inhale, and can cause lung inflammation.  These also have the potential to cause cancer.
Don't use SPF values above 50+: The FDA says these labels are misleading.  High SPFs may give people a false sense of security and cause them to stay out in the sun for too long. SPF is based only on UVB protection; this prevents sunburn but doesn't protect you from deeper tissue damage or premature aging. 

Worst Sunscreens: 
Neutrogena Fresh Cooling Body Mist Sunblock, SPF 70
Banana Boat Sport Performance Active MAX Protect Continuous Spray Sunscreen, SPF 110
Aveeno Continuous Protection Sunblock Spray Active, SPF 70
Wegmans Sheer Sunscreen Body Mist, SPF 55
Rite Aid Extreme Sport Continuous Spray, SPF 70+
CVS Sheer Mist Sunscreen, SPF 70
Walgreens Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen Spray, SPF 70
Coppertone Sport Clear Continuous Spray Sunscreen, SPF 90

Best affordable sunscreens:
These Sunscreens provide: Good, stable sun protection, the fewest ingredients with toxicity concerns.  They don't contain: the worst chemical offenders: retinyl palmitate and oxybenzone, sprays/powders, or have SPFs above 50+
Coppertone Kids Pure & Simple Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 50
BabyGanics Cover Up Baby Sunscreen for Face & Body, Fragrance Free, SPF 50+
Sunbow Dora the Explorer Sunscreen, Pink, SPF 30
Purple Prairie Botanicals SunStuff Mineral Lotion, SPF 30
Nature's Gate Aqua Block Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 50
Solbar Shield Sunscreen, SPF 40
Caribbean Solutions Sol Kid Kare Biodegradable Sunscreen, SPF 25
Tropical Sands Broad Spectrum Sunscreen, SPF 30
KidsUV Natural Sunscreen, Blue, SPF 30
Color Me Pink Baby UV/ Kids UV 100% Natural Sunscreen, SPF 30
Alba Botanica Natural Very Emollient Sunblock, Kids Mineral Protection, SPF 30
Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen, Face, SPF 30+
Healing-Scents Live Long Mineral-Based Sunscreen, SPF 25
Hara Body Care Hara Sport Sunscreen, SPF 30
Vanicream Sport Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 35

High-fructose Corn Syrup
Protect your Brain:
This morning I mentioned that there was a news article which warned against eating too much sugar and high-fructose corn syrup.  The article said that a study showed that consuming too many products with lots of sugar and/or high-fructose corn syrup caused a decline in synaptic activity.  The study also showed that too much insulin appeared to disturb memory and learning, and that a high-fructose diet harms the brain as well as the body. High-fructose corn syrup is commonly found in soda, condiments, applesauce, baby food and other processed snacks, and the average American consumes more than 40 pounds (18 kilograms) of high-fructose corn syrup per year.  Eating a high-fructose diet over the long term could alter your brain's ability to learn and remember information. However, the study also showed that adding omega-3 fatty acids (found in fish, nuts, etc) to your meals can help minimize the damage.  The study appeared in the Journal of Physiology.  You can read the entire article [here].

Summery Salmon:
Salmon is one of the types of fish loaded with healthy omega-3 fatty acids.  Here is a recipe that is healthy and perfect for summer.

Pan Grilled Salmon w/ Red Pepper Salsa

Plugged-In Movie Review:
Headed to the theater this weekend?  Be sure to check out the Plugged-in Movie Review on 88.5 WJIE each Friday at 7:20 am and 5:20 pm.  This week's review is about the movie "Battleship."

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Blueberry Tuesday: Two-fer Tuesday

Blueberry Tuesday:
It's Two-fer Tuesday, actually three-fer Tuesday but who's counting really?  I somehow missed Blueberry Tuesday last week, and I'm posting this late this week so here's some bonus Blueberry recipes for your culinary arsenal.  PS... these are actually fairly healthy.  :)  Enjoy!

Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes
Blueberry Pomegranate Slushy
Light-er Blueberry Cobbler

Fading Technology: Morning Show Highlights

Fading Technology:
This morning I mentioned a couple of current pieces of technology that this article says children born today may never use.  Obviously as quickly as technology advances, this is to be expected to some extent, but there were a couple of things I would be sad if we lost - like movie theaters, cameras & camcorders.  The list included: the Mouse, Remote Controls, Phone numbers, and Fax machines.  One thing that was listed that I cant wait to see replaced is 3D glasses. Apparently several glasses free 3D viewing options are coming available including webcam technologies.  At this point they are only available for a single movie viewer, but it will be interesting to see if or rather when they utilize technology that will do away with the pesky glasses.  If you are interested in seeing the full list of possibilities and the articles reasoning for their departure, click [here] for the link.

Fact or Fiction:
Don't forget to play Fact or Fiction with us every weekday morning at 7:20 am!  I've got some interesting trivia topics this week, and we have a incredible prize for our winners.  This week's prize is a "Win it before you can Buy it" copy of Mercy Me's new album "The Hurt & the Healer," a super cool super stylish Mercy Me wrist watch, and Laura Story's devotional "What if your blessings come through raindrops." For more info, visit 88.5 WJIE!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Texting Ban: Morning Show Highlights

Texting While Walking Ban: 
Texting while you walk has now been banned in a New Jersey town and will even land you an $85 fine.  The town passed the law, because there were so many accidents - some were even fatal.  Here is a link to the article about the new texting ban.  Also, this morning while we spoke about the new ban, we also spoke about a news video which showed a man who ran into a bear while he was texting while walking and this is too unbelievable to not share.

Here's the Video:

Fact or Fiction:
Don't forget to play Fact or Fiction with us every weekday morning at 7:20 am!  I've got some interesting trivia topics this week, and we have a incredible prize for our winners.  This week's prize is a "Win it before you can Buy it" copy of Mercy Me's new album "The Hurt & the Healer," a super cool super stylish Mercy Me wrist watch, and Laura Story's devotional "What if your blessings come through raindrops." For more info, visit 88.5 WJIE!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Day: Morning Show Highlights

Card Template Available [Here]
Teacher Appreciation Day:
On today's show we celebrated teachers!  I have had some truly incredible teachers that have made lasting impressions on my life.  I'm sure you have as well.  Let's not forget to say "thank you" today or at least sometime this week.

Recipes for Teacher:
Here are a couple of cute apple themed and totally portable treats to show your favorite teachers how much you appreciate all their hard work.  I especially love the Apple Pie in a Jar.

Apple Pie in a Jar
Apple Pie Bars

Quick & Easy Thank you's:
Baking not your thing?  No Worries.  Here are some easy-peasy but super cute ways to say "Thanks!"

Teacher Appreciation: Quick Crafts

Plugged in DVD Review:
This morning's Plugged-in Movie Review was about  The Vow starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams, which releases this today on DVD.  It's about true love and is based on a true story, but is it something that you want your family to watch?  If you missed it this morning, don't worry the "Plugged-in DVD Review" airs again at 5:20 pm on 88.5 WJIE

PS: I've been playing catch up with the show recaps, so there are lots of new posts.  Feel free to flip back through them if you like.

Monday, May 7, 2012

It's all about Moms this week: Morning Show Highlights

Mother's Day is Sunday:
88.5 WJIE would like to help you honor your mom this week!  We will be giving away a Mother's Day Grand Prize Package this Friday, and your mom could win.  Just tell us about a Super Mom that you know, and she could win.  The prize includes tickets to Spirit Song at King's Island this summer, a spa & salon gift certificate, the latest music from Passion, Britt Nicole, Laura Story, and more!

To enter, send an email to  Be sure to include your name, address, and phone number.  The winner will be announced Friday at 7:30 am on 88.5 WJIE!

Fact or Fiction:
Mom can win big on Fact or Fiction this week.  Play Fact or Fiction with us at 7:20 am, and you could win a cool prize pack for your mom!  Winners will receive the two latest books from Southeast Christian's Dave Stone, Laura Story's Blessings cd, and more.  Anyone can play, but give the prize package to a mom that you know.

Plugged in DVD Review:
If you lost your memory, would you remarry your spouse?  The Vow starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams, releases this Tuesday on DVD.  It's about true love and is based on a true story, but is it something that you want your family to watch?  Find out by listening to the "Plugged-in DVD Review" this Tuesday at 7:20 am and 5:20 pm on 88.5 WJIE!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tour of Louisville: Saturday's Show

Do you know how to say it?
Tour of Louisville:
On today's show, I took you on a "tour" of Louisville, KY.  May is Hometown Tourist Month, and this weekend we have so many people visiting for the Derby Festivities.  I want to introduce you, or at least remind you, of all of that Louisville has to offer.  There is truly something for everyone.  I highlighted just a few places on-air, but here is my full list of places that are uniquely Louisville.  This list is of places you will only find here, but it's by no means complete.  I have to warn you ended up becoming pretty long, but isn't that the mark of a really great city. If you know of one that should be added, let me know.  Otherwise, get out there & enjoy my town!  :)

Quills Coffee Art
Cafés & Coffee Shops: 
We begin our tour with some of my favorite hangouts - coffee shops & cafes.  Here are some great cafe's that you will only find here.  We have those nationally recognized franchises too, but that's not what this tour is about.  Check out these locally owned shops for a true taste of Louisville:

Heine Brothers Coffee: Eclectic with good coffee
Highland Coffee Shop: Located in the Highlands
Quills Coffee: Beautifully delicious coffee art
Mrs Potter's Coffee: Coffee, Art, & Local Bands
Please & Thank You Coffee ShopCoffee, records, & amazing treats

Kentucky Center for the Arts
The Arts: 
I love that Louisville has a great and diverse artistic vein.  There is a bit of something for everyone.  Here are a few of the cultural gems of our city.

If you are looking for a church home, Louisville has a great selection of all denominations to choose from.  In addition to having so many wonderful places to worship, I also love that many of these great churches are breathtaking.  Even if you have a home church, we have many historical and architecturally beautiful churches in Louisville that you should visit.

Blessings Directory: Click to  find a great local church.

Brown Hotel Lobby
Historical Sites
If there is one thing to be said about Louisville,  it would be that it is steeping with history.  Louisville was founded in 1778 by explorer George Rogers Clark.  Check out some of our rich history by visiting some of these beautiful locations.

Belle of Louisville Steamboat: Built in 1914 & still cruises the Ohio
Brown Hotel: Built in 1923, featured in films, & utterly gorgeous
Cavehill Cemetery: Beautiful, Historical, Lovely Architecture
Galt House Hotel: Built in the early 1800s & still lovely
Kentucky Derby Museum: The Great history of our Love of Horses
KentuckyShow!: Multimedia show of the History & Culture of KY
Thomas Edison & Farmington Home: Three Historical Homes 
Filson Historical Society: History & Artifacts of KY
Henry Clay: Built in the 1920s, this lovely piece of history is a must visit.
Locust Grove: Built in 1790 & rich with history
Louisville Library Main Branch: Built in 1906.  Simply Stunning!
Old Louisville: Features many Victorian homes from early 1800s
St James Court: Part of Old Louisville & a must see.  Hosts a great art show each fall.

Baby Qannik at Louisville Zoo
Frazier Museum of History: Great interactive exhibits for kids
Kart KountryWorld's Longest Go-Kart track
KY Fair & Expo Ctr: Lots of events all year long.
Louisville Zoo: Great for the whole family; open all year
Louisville Science Center: features IMAX Theater & lots of fun
Mega Caverns:  Underground Zip Lining, tours & more
Renaissance Fun Park: Go-carts, mini-golf, & more
Stage One: Perfect place to introduce kids to the arts!

Louisville is home to over 120 beautiful parks.  Be sure to enjoy them while you are here.
Louisville Metro Parks: Listing of all of Louisville's Parks
Cherokee Park:

Lynn's Paradise Cafe
Louisville has over 2,500 restaurants.  I tried to list some of the best Louisville Originals, but I'm sure that I missed some really great places.  Here's a good starting guide for all of my dear foodies.

Bearno’s Pizza: Especially try Bearno’s by the Bridge; love the location!
Blu Italian Grill: Great service, delicious food, elegant atmosphere.
Bristol Grille: Est 1977 in the Highlands.  It's delicious! No other words needed.
Brown Hotel’s English Grill: First served Hotbrown 1926; premiere fine dining 
Cafe Lou Lou: Culinary blend of Louisville & Louisiana
Comfy Cow Ice Cream Shop: Like delicious & unique icecream? This is for you.
Ditto’s Restaurant: Can't believe I still haven't tried it; my friends rave over this place.
Derby Pie: You must find; you must try!  It's my favorite slice of Louisville.
Dooley's Bagels: Try the everything bagel.  It's so good.
Hard Rock Cafe Louisville: Good burgers; fun atmosphere
Hawks View Gallery & CafeCafe hours vary, but very delicious!
Homemade Icecream & Pie Kitchen: Est in 1982.  Super delicious
Impellizzeri’s Pizza: It's called Louisville style pizza, and it is fabulous.
King Fish: There are a few locations, but try the one on the river.  Beautiful view.
Kizito Cookies: These cookies make me happy!  They are as big as your head & amazing!
Lynn’s Paradise Café: Lynn's is so much fun!  Great food & a delightfully eclectic atmosphere.
Mayan Café: Great menu made with ingredients from KY Farmers equals delicious.
Mike Linnig’s Fish: Louisville's Seafood place since 1925
Muth’s Candies: Famous for Modjeskas (Marshmallow Caramel Candies)
Najla’s Cookies: Based in Louisville; these gourmet treats are all natural
Wick’s Pizza: Est 1991, this is really good pizza!

Louisville's Skyline
Places the Locals Love:
Downtown Louisville: There's something for everyone
Frankfort AveGreat Restaurants & Shops
The Highlands: Park your car and take a stroll. Trust me. :)
Old Louisville: features exquisite Victorian Homes from early 1800s
The SummitShopping & Restaurants
Water Front Park:  Beautiful vantage of the skyline & really great events

Louisville Slugger

KFC Yum Center: Our newest arena featuring sports, concerts & more.
Louisville Bats Baseball: Great for the whole family.
Louisville Slugger Museum: Perfect for the Baseball Enthusiast
U of L Sports Center: UofL Cardinal Sports


Ways to Experience Louisville:
Wheel Fun Rentals Waterfront Park: Bike & Surrey Rentals