Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Primary Tuesday Morning Show Highlights

Primary Elections Today for Kentucky:
The Primary Elections for Kentucky will be held today.  I would like to encourage everyone to vote.  Here are a few resources for the elections, including an online Voter Guides and Poll Information.

Voter Guides & Candidate Info:
Voter Guide: Voter Guide Website
KY Candidate Survey: Vote Kentucky Website

Voter Registration & Poll Information:
Voter Information Center: Kentucky Voter (All Counties)
Louisville Metro Voter Info: Jefferson County Clerks Office
Bullitt Co. Voter Info: Bullitt County Clerks Office
Other Voting/Poll Info for KY:

Article Referenced
5 Healthy, Energy Boosting Foods:
If you are needing a little extra energy this morning, we mentioned that there are 5 foods that are healthy and will give you that boost you need to get through your day. 

WATER: Ok, so I don't consider this a food, but it was in the article because H2O is one of the quickest energy boosters out there. When we become dehydrated, our energy plummets and our brains gets foggy, which makes it hard to concentrate. 
OATMEAL: Grains have been getting a bad rap lately, but whole grains are still one of the best sources of energy we have.  The fiber and carbohydrates in oatmeal provide a long-lasting, consistent source of energy that can be dressed up in a million different ways.
EGGS: Protein builds strong muscles and helps keep you full.  Eggs are a clean and easy source of protein, and many different ways to cook them.  It's easy to keep them interesting. 
BANANAS:  Potassium deficieny-a problem that can manifest in a variety of ways, including lethargy and memory problems. This necessary nutrient, which is also found in dried apricots, figs, and plums, helps regulate the body's nervous and muscular systems. 
FISH: Research shows a link between memory, test-taking skills and, gulp, eating fish for breakfast. While that's not typically pleasing to little palates, the benefits are huge. The omega 3 fatty acids found in fatty fish like wild salmon have been proven to reduce depression and hyperactivity and increase focus and concentration. In addition, all that high quality protein keeps kids' blood sugar (and therefore their moods) steady while keeping them full for hours. 

Mercy Me's CD Release:
The latest album from Mercy Me releases today.  It's called, "The Hurt and the Healer."  Pick up your copy today!  Also, don't forget to play Fact or Fiction with us at 7:20 am each day this week for your chance to win a copy of Mercy Me's album, a Mercy Me wrist watch, and a bonus CD.

Blueberry Tuesday:
It's Blueberry Tuesday, and I didn't forget to post the recipe on time this week.  Here is another recipe to take the "not quite midweek" blues out of your morning.  This week it's a good one - Blueberry Streusel Bread.

Blueberry Streusel Bread

Plugged-in DVD Review:
If you will be renting a DVD this week, check out the Plugged in DVD Review today.  It's coming up this morning at 7:20 am and then again at 5:20 pm.  This week's review will be about the animated film, "The Secret World of Arrietty."  To make sure that this film is right for your family, listen to the Plugged-in DVD Review right here on 88.5 WJIE!

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