Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fading Technology: Morning Show Highlights

Fading Technology:
This morning I mentioned a couple of current pieces of technology that this article says children born today may never use.  Obviously as quickly as technology advances, this is to be expected to some extent, but there were a couple of things I would be sad if we lost - like movie theaters, cameras & camcorders.  The list included: the Mouse, Remote Controls, Phone numbers, and Fax machines.  One thing that was listed that I cant wait to see replaced is 3D glasses. Apparently several glasses free 3D viewing options are coming available including webcam technologies.  At this point they are only available for a single movie viewer, but it will be interesting to see if or rather when they utilize technology that will do away with the pesky glasses.  If you are interested in seeing the full list of possibilities and the articles reasoning for their departure, click [here] for the link.

Fact or Fiction:
Don't forget to play Fact or Fiction with us every weekday morning at 7:20 am!  I've got some interesting trivia topics this week, and we have a incredible prize for our winners.  This week's prize is a "Win it before you can Buy it" copy of Mercy Me's new album "The Hurt & the Healer," a super cool super stylish Mercy Me wrist watch, and Laura Story's devotional "What if your blessings come through raindrops." For more info, visit 88.5 WJIE!

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