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Happiness Secrets!

Happiness Secrets
On this morning's show I shared some secrets for a lifetime of happiness from a survey of ladies 80 years old and older.  They have some great wisdom.  I loved reading their thoughts, but I would also love for you to share yours.  What's your happiness secret?

Be a Little "Crazy"
"I recommend prayer…and a whole lot of laughter. Love with your whole heart and nothing less. Be giddy, smile all the time and be a little 'crazy.' Also, apply Jergens All Purpose Face Cream and put curlers in your hair every night."
-Maryann, 82

Don't Dwell

"When chatting with other folks, don't complain about all your physical ailments. Stay active with yoga, swimming, walking and never stop learning new skills. Do not brood and dwell on the past … a little praying sometimes will help!"
-Evelyn, 90

Create New Memories

"The key to happiness in my life has been cherishing the time I spend with family and friends—always laughing, telling stories and creating new memories." – Mildred, 89

Enjoy Yourself

"The one sustaining constant in my life has been my faith in God. I was married to the love of my life for 58 wonderful years and have the most loving family. I email, text and have a Facebook page so I can connect with my grandchildren. I keep active and eat healthy foods, but enjoy a sweet treat every day. At 86, I'm finally going to learn to swim and cross it off my bucket list. I want to be around for a long time so I don't miss anything!" – Maureen, 86

Have Good Friends

"The best way to be happy in life is to have good friends who you can depend on. I wouldn't have gotten through the hard times in my life without their love and support. A good husband is the frosting on the cake." – Anne, 92

Keep It Simple

"I've always lived a simple life and depended on God; everything I have asked Him for, he has provided. At my age, my family is my connection to life itself. Whenever my mind wanders I'll call my children and grandchildren to see how they are doing. That puts everything into perspective for me." – Iris, 89

Fight for Your Happiness

"Life can deal you impossibly hard blows but you can't accept defeat. I've lost three husbands and a daughter but I never sank into that misery. I lived for the things I still had. You must fight for your happiness and learn to make the absolute best of the absolute worst." – Charlotte, 83

Have Faith

"What really helps me remain serene is faith that all will be well in the end. No matter what intervenes, this attitude of acceptance keeps me afloat. I began competing in triathlons and Ironman's 34 years ago as a way to calm my mind, body, and spirit. I've won eight Ironman age group records since." – Madonna, 82

Stay Connected

"To have happiness you must also have sadness; in order to know black you have to know white. If I have my physical, mental and spiritual health then I have an amazing life. I dance, practice yoga and compose music and that's how I stay connected..."  - Phyllis, 89

Always Laugh

"Be positive. Make life happen. Reach out to people. Try to always laugh, especially be able to laugh at yourself." – Betty Ann, 80

Get Up & Exercise

"I thank God everyday for allowing me to live as long as I have. I don't eat bad food. I don't keep late hours. I get up and exercise everyday. And I never drank or smoked in my life." – Ethel, 96

Keep Growing

"Always have a good positive attitude. Love and be loved. Have a good spiritual life. Do things you enjoy doing. Never give up, just keep on keeping on." —Shervena
"For me it is about having a belief in God, my spiritual side. I believe in my self worth. Good close friends through the years have helped me grow as a person, too." —Rebena
Twin Sisters, 84

Have Family Around

"One of the keys is having a wonderful family … having children and grandchildren around you on holidays and other meaningful occasions. Happiness, for me, was also 62 wonderful years with a husband who was happy and made me happy." – Roz, 84

Make It Fantastic

"Travel too much and become friends with perfect strangers. Help those in need regardless if you can actually afford to. Invest in your bath time; take a nice relaxing [soak] everyday. Finally, I live by my favorite quote: "What we are is God's gift to us, what we become is our gift to God.' Make it fantastic!" – Charlene, 80

Try, Try Again

"Start with a good attitude, stay involved with friends, be aware of changing current events, exercise regularly, eat healthy, have adequate sleep, help others, and above all think positively. I also believe in continuously setting sensible goals, striving to reach them, and if the attempt fails, try again." – Norma, 82

Keep Busy

"I don't really have any secrets but I feel blessed with so many friends. I also exercise and keep busy. I thank God every day for my family, my friends and my health. I am really blessed." – June, 91

Give Back

"It is important to use the gifts God gave you to give back to others. You will find there is great joy in giving and the fulfillment you receive is immeasurable. Take care of your mind, body and soul ... and always be open to change and learning new things." Lily, 80

Embrace Optimism

"The key to staying happy and healthy to me is to maintain an optimistic and non-critical attitude with a physically and mentally active lifestyle." – Dev, 92

Share your Happiness Secret!  
I'd love to hear your happiness secrets!  Feel free to leave me a comment below. 
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