Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Call me crazy

40 Days of Water: the CHALLENGE (Click for Website)
Following my devotion time this evening, I came across the Forty Days of Water Challenge and I decided to commit.  If you know me, you know that I'm sorta addicted to caffeine.  Ok, I'm a lot addicted to caffeine.  So that, plus the added challenge of next week being 88.5 WJIE's Share-a-thon Fundraiser will make this especially difficult for me.  This is a crazy idea.  I'm not entirely sure that I can do this, but the original concept behind 40 Days of Water was to give up all beverages except water as a fast during the Lent/Easter Season with the intent of helping meet a need while drawing closer to God.

To be honest, I wasn't sure I wanted to blog about this, because I don't want anyone to think that I am wanting a pat on the back.  After a lot of consideration I ultimately decided to commit for personal reasons that I won't be sharing.  However, I did want to mention this challenge, because I would love for you to join me.

About 40 Days of Water:
Give up beverages.  It’s a big commitment to not drink anything but water for Forty days. But from February 22 - April 7, that’s exactly what we’re asking you to do. It’s a lot easier if you do it with other people like your friends or family. Remember, Sundays are feast days! You get to enjoy your favorite beverages one day out of the week, which will remind you just how much you miss them the other 6 days. By giving up what you’d normally drink in exchange for the water from your tap you can save that money to help build clean water projects for communities in Uganda.

About Blood-Water Mission:
Founded by the multi-platinum, GRAMMY Award-winning band, Jars of Clay, Blood:Water Mission began as a call to personalize the HIV/AIDS crisis in Africa. The members of the band were committed to share the often-untold stories: those of creative, compassionate, hard-working Africans bringing health, hope and healing into their respective communities.  Their entire mission statement can be found [here]

Blog Post from 40 Days:
"Lent (or any other time of fasting) is more than just giving something up; it's about putting something better in its place." The blog post below was written by author Anne Jackson.

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