Thursday, February 23, 2012

Highlights from this Morning's Show

Aaron Shust Interview: I hope you were able to listen to Jim's interview with Aaron Shust this morning.  If you missed it, I will attempt to recap.  Aaron shared a bit about the making of his latest album.  The album title came from a conversation with a friend when they saw some worship lyrics on the screen at church.  They looked up and started discussing that "This is what we believe," and that became a "litmus test" of sorts for all of the songs on the album.  "This is what we believe" had to be able to be honestly said about each of the songs.

"My Hope is in You" has been a #1 song for 14 weeks in a row.  Aaron did not actually write this song, but his producer and wife encouraged him to include it on the album.  Aaron said his favorite lines in the song are, "I wont be shaken by drought or storm" and "I meet with You and my soul sings out as Your word throws doubt far away."  Aaron and his wife spent a lot of time in the hospital with their son Nicky last year, and a few months ago they had another beautiful baby, Michael who has to have open heart surgery in the near future. Through all of the challenges the Shust family has faced over the years, he said that he has learned that, "When your life starts shaking you reach out to the first thing you believe to be stable."  Click (here) if you would like to check out Aaron Shust's blog.  The Deluxe Edition of This Is What We Believe comes with a
Hardback book including a short devotional that 
with each song on the record. For details,

Official Video for "My Hope is in You"

Third Day Live: 
Relive each Third Day Show this Spring with Third Day Live Recordings.  Here is a note from Third Day:  "As many of you know, we are always looking to improve our fan's experience and come up with new ways to continue to connect with you. Years ago, we had the idea to start recording all of our concerts. Then we thought, "We should share these recordings with people." So, we started streaming the shows on our website.  The one down side to that was that you had to be connected to the internet to be able to listen and could not take the recording with you to listen whenever you want.  Well, after lots of work we are excited to tell you that for the spring tour, you will be able to purchase each night's concert as a digital download on our website! As a little teaser, we will be offering a Third Day Live sampler for free.  This 4 song EP will include a favorite performance from the Make Your Move Tour from each of the band members.  This sampler will only be available from March 1st - March 15th. Be on the look out for more info on this in the coming weeks."

Forty Days of Water Update:
This is my first full day of the Challenge, but technically it is day 2.  It's not been easy, but thanks to the folks at Blood:Water Mission I am being reminded of my many blessings.  When I feel disappointment creep in, I remember that I committed to drinking only water for a reason.  I remember that I am blessed to have clean, cold water and countless numbers of people do not have safe water... not yet.  That can be changed.  If you want to join me, there's still time.  Visit

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