Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Get Fit Trends: Highlights from this Morning's Show

Fitness Trends for 2012

This morning I mentioned that those who have added Fitness to their New Year's Resolution lists can expect some new trends in 2012.  It looks as if health and fitness experts will be working hard in the New Year to make getting fit easy & affordable for everyone. 

Here's some things that will be Trending in 2012:

  • Lower Cost Health Clubs & Gyms:  Expect some quality low-cost gyms monthly fees to dip as low as $10 a month.
  • High Intensity At-Home Programs:  Specialized circuit-trainint programs will be more readily available for seasoned excercisers who want to work out at home or on the go.
  • Streaming Workout Videos:  More workout content providers are starting to offer subscription-based streaming of their workout videos offering fitness lovers more variety for their workout.
  • Unique Training Tools: like TRX suspension training systems are becoming more popular gym features.
  • Use of Technology:  Fitness apps, Nike+ Pedometers/Running Technology, Online food journals, Social Networking sites, and emails.  Technological advances make it easier that ever to track your progress, keep food journals, and seek motivation on your fitness journey. 
  • Small Group Training: Jam-packed fitness classes leave beginners feeling lost and everyone else feeling like you aren't getting enough personal attention to spurn your maximum progress.  Small Group Sessions of around 6 so that everyone gets attention they need.
  • New Approach to Goal Setting: Strong is the new skinny.  Fitness goals are being set with strength in mind instead of focusing solely on losing weight.  Article Referenced

Francesca Battistelli announced via Twitter over the Christmas holiday that she and her husband are expecting baby #2!  We wish her and her family the very best.  Francesca's Website is:

Mirror Mirror
In the image driven world we live in, it is easy to lose perspective of who we really are.  More people than ever seem to be dealing with problems with their self esteem.  Yesterday, I was reading a story written by a lady named Noelle and she was describing an encounter that she had with a friend of hers.  She noticed over tea that her friend had a photo of her on her bulletin board in her kitchen for everyone to see.  When she saw the photo she found herself cringing.  She thought that the image was horrible, and felt humiliated to have it displayed.  Noelle told how she began making negative comments about her appearance.  She thought her face was too round, her smile was all wrong, and she hated her nose crinkles.  Her friend then began to explain why she loved the picture.  She told her that she has a way of laughing that makes her whole face light up, and that she loves that about her.  Noelle described how her other friends all had similar photos of her laughing posted in their homes.  She went on to talk about how her friends showed her some things about herself that she'd never seen before.  Next time you are tempted to look at part of your image or personality negatively, remember that like Noelle you aren't seeing all of the wonderful things about you that everyone else finds so very special.  You are valuable.  (Psalm 139:14).

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