Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!: Highlights from Saturday's Show

Good Morning and Happy New Year!  Throughout the morning we spoke about the New Year and also some things that I hope you remember as you are making any and all resolutions for this upcoming year.  So I thought I would recap some of my thoughts here. 

I was talking to my friend Stephanie Thursday about the New Year and she made a valid point.  A lot of times we try to bite off more than we can chew when making New Year’s Resolutions.  So make sure that you don’t put unrealistic expectations on yourself by that I mean don’t sign up for the mini-marathon before you can run a half mile.  You can, and I believe you will accomplish your goals for this year, but there are somethings that naturally take time.  So give yourself the same grace that God gives you as you set out on your challenge.  Psalm 54:4 says Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me.

Also, please keep this in mind when you start thinking about what you want to challenge yourself with this year.  Make sure you don’t think to much about how far we have to go in reaching your goals that you forget to celebrate how far you’ve already come.  Celebrate yourself and all that God has helped you accomplish.  Be proud of yourself for setting new goals and let God be your strength as you try new or challenging things this year. 

I was reading Matthew chapter 22 verses 37-39; in the verses Jesus is talking about the greatest commandments are to first love God with everything you’ve got and then the second is to love people as we love ourselves.  So basically we should be “love focused” in everything we do.  So I feel that in making our resolutions for the New Year, we should let love be in the center of them.  First Give yourself the grace and the love that you deserve when you are thinking about how you want to challenge yourself.  Let some of your goals be things that will make a positive loving impact on your world.  And as always we should make sure that everything we do gives God glory in our lives. 

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