Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hot Fudge Sundae Day: Morning Show Highlights

Fact or Fiction:
Today's Fact or Fiction was about Hot Fudge Sundaes!  Here are a couple of the facts we learned; I'll skip the one with the calories.  The Hot Fudge Sundae was supposedly created in 1906 at C.C. Browns, a new ice cream parlor on HollywoodBoulevard in Los Angeles.   The largest Ice Cream Sunday was made by Palm Dairies LTD at Alberta, Canada on July 24 1988, and had 20.27 tons of ice cream, 4.39 tons of syrup and 2.37 kg of topping!  We have a heat advisory until 9:00 pm, and today's high will be 101.  Play Fact or Fiction with us weekdays at 7:20 am for your chance to win!
Jim Dandy from Friendly's

The Jim Dandy:
Here's a pic of the Sundae Jim said was his favorite ever!  It's appropriately named the Jim Dandy!  What do you think?  Would this be in your top 10?
My favorite toppings would be to mix hot fudge with caramel and nuts over vanilla ice cream!

Hot Fudge Recipe:
Want to try your hand at making homemade Hot Fudge?  Here is an incredible recipe that I found this morning.  Homemade Hot Fudge would also be perfect packaged up as a Summertime Hostess Gift!

Homemade Hot Fudge Sauce

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