Saturday, August 25, 2012

Blue Ribbon Winners and Tips for Perfect Layer Cakes

On today's show I shared some of the Blue Ribbon winning recipes from the Kentucky State Fair.  The photo is a banana and black walnut cake perfect for Autumn gatherings.  Enjoy a slice of summer by trying out these Blue Ribbon Winners.  Here are four recipes your family will love:

Phyllis Martin's Autumn Memories Cake
Marolyn Smith's Peach Pie
Trina Amos' Coconut Cream Pie
Kandace Kanzler's Tuscan Crust Pizza

How to: Perfect Layer Cake
This morning I shared that I have trouble with layered cakes.  One Thanksgiving I tried making a layered carrot cake from my mom's recipe that we've used for years.  It's fabulous by the way and I shared the recipe [here].  The cake turned out moist and delicious, and I painstakingly worked with the frosting, assembled the layers, and even inserted dowel rods.  The thing that I didn't consider was that I needed to transport it on a windy road for several miles.  Needless to say, it didn't hold up well, and I haven't attempted a layer cake since.  While no layer cake would probably stand up to the transportation horrors that I put my poor carrot cake through, here are some expert tips I found to help with everything else.

How to: Make the Perfect Layer Cake

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