Monday, September 3, 2012

Motivation for Mon Fitness: Healthy Pregnancy

Mon Fit Tip: Healthy Pregnancy
Today ("Labor Day") Bob & Caroline Scott of the Louisville Athletic Club were shared some tips for staying healthy and exercising during pregnancy.
"Moderate physical activity is considered not only safe, but also very beneficial for mom and baby.  Exercise during pregnancy can help expectant mothers:

  • Look and feel better
  • Reduce bloating, swelling, and leg cramps
  • Relaxation
  • Improve Posture
  • Build Strength & Stamina
  • Sleep better
  • Prepare for labor & delivery
  • Get your pre-pregnancy body back quicker.
Make sure you consult with your doctor and get medical clearance first, and be aware of a few changes that your pregnant body will go through.  First, your joints and ligaments stretch because of hormones released during pregnancy.  Therefore, they are more prone to injury.  Second, your balance and center of gravity will change because of your expanding middle making you a little less stable.  Finally, your heart rate will increase while you are pregnant so workout at a slower pace than you did before you were pregnant.  Keep in mind that when you heart rate increases, your baby's will as well.  Your heart rate should not exceed 140 beats per minute when exercising during pregnancy." - Caroline Scott
Bob Scott's tips for exercising during pregnancy are:
"Those who have exercised prior to becoming pregnant can and should continue to perform the exercises you have always done, within reason.  If you are new to exercise, it is fine to start when you become pregnant.  Just remember, whether you are an experienced exerciser or not, pregnancy is NOT a time to take on a new intense sport or a time to try to shed pounds.  Some of the best options for exercise during pregnancy include:
  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Jogging
  • Low-impact aerobics
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Slow, controlled strength training
Just remember that you should: (1) exercise to maintain a safe level of fitness (not to lose weight), (2) always warm-up, (3) not get overheated, (4) drink plenty of water, and (5) take breaks if needed.  If you become faint, dizzy, short of breath, have chest pain or pain of any kind, trouble walking, or contractions that continue after rest, bleeding, leaking, etc stop your workout and call your doctor.  Most of all enjoy your pregnancy and all the blessings from God that come along with it!" 
For more health and fitness tips, check out Caroline's Blog:

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