Monday, November 19, 2012

Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving & 10 Most Addictive Foods

Tips for Keeping Thanksgiving Dinner Healthy: Motivation for Monday Fitness
Philippians 4:6 - "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God."

This morning Bob and Caroline Scott of the Louisville Athletic Club shared some tips for keeping your family's Thanksgiving Dinner a little more on the healthy side.  Here's a recap.
"I want to start off by saying that the holidays are a time to enjoy ourselves, so it's my feeling that it's ok to splurge at Thanksgiving Dinner.  It's one of the few times during the year that you get to enjoy a lot of comfort foods all at once.  However, if you want to keep your Thanksgiving dinner a little more on the healthy side, it is possible.  In fact, these are tips that Bob and I have used in years past.  So, the good news is that the main dish, the turkey has little fat in the white meat and is full of protein.  As far as the stuffing, use a fat-free, low sodium chicken broth to prepare it and add some celery or other veggies.  Another good thing about Thanksgiving is all the wonderful vegetables that you can prepare for your meal.  Obviously, you have to have mashed potatoes.  So if you want to keep them light, avoid using heavy cream and substitute it with some reduced fat milk and sour cream."  -Caroline Scott
"Another thing Caroline and I do that's a little change up from the traditional sugary and buttery sweet potato casserole, is to server whole sweet potatoes with a little cinnamon on them which is so good for you!  As far as the gravy, you can reduce the fat and calories by substituting in lighter ingredients, like Caroline mentioned, such as reduced fat or skim milk.  Finally, the dessert.  Everybody's favorite part.  If you want to make it light, again, substitute some of the ingredients with healthier ones.  Opt for desserts that include more fruit.  And like Caroline said, the holidays are to be enjoyed, so don't stress yourself out.  The key is moderation.  Put smaller portions on your plate and eat a little slower.  Bottom line: enjoy yourself, give thanks for all your blessings, and if you overdo it don't beat yourself up.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
For more great tips, check out Caroline's Blog

Top 10 Most Addictive Foods:
This morning Jim and I also shared the top 10 most addictive foods out there.  For the most part, I agree that these are addictive, but I think my list would be ordered just a bit different.  Chocolate would rank higher, and I would have to add popcorn in there some where.  Jim's list would probably have donuts ranked a bit higher.

Top 10 Most Addictive Foods:
1. Ice Cream
2. Candy
3. French Fries
4. Chocolate
5. Cookies
6. Chips
7. Cake
8. Pasta
9. Donuts
10.White Bread

Let us know if you agree with these.  What's foods are most addictive for you?   If you want to read the entire article, you can check it out [here]

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