Thursday, November 1, 2012

National Men Make Dinner Day

Today is National Men Make Dinner Day.  Jim Galipeau is on-board.  He already has his dinner planned out for his family.  I thought I'd help you out a bit.  So guys, if you want to surprise your family with a great homemade dinner, here's some great recipe sites that will give you some good ideas.  Most of the recipes on these sites are fairly easy to prepare, only require a few ingredients, and some even have instructional videos.

Kraft Foods: One of my favs.  Lots of easy but tasty recipes and typically has helpful photos/videos.

Betty Crocker: This website has a ton of great suggestions to help you prepare your own tasty and super easy meals and desserts.

Pillsbury:  Who doesn't love Pillsbury?  I love their ingredients, and their website is packed with great recipes that are super easy to prepare.

Ps... The National Men Make Dinner site has some recipes for you too.  Have fun guys!

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