Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voter Information & Interview w/ Third Day

Election Day:  
We would like to encourage everyone to vote.  Here are a few resources to help you decide which candidates to vote for, including an online Voter Guides and Poll Information. 

Online Voter Guide:
Voter Guide: Online Voter Guide

Voter Registration & Poll Information:
Voter Info Center: Kentucky Voter (All Counties)
Jefferson Co. Voter Info: Jefferson Co. Clerks Office
Bullitt Co. Voter Info: Bullitt County Clerks Office
Other Voting/Poll Info for KY:

Visit Third Day's Website
Interview with Tai Anderson of Third Day:
Third Day's latest album Miracle releases today.  This morning Jim Galipeau interviewed Tai  shared the story behind the title track, "I Need a Miracle."  At a concert they guys of Third Day were approached by an older couple whose son had lost his job and became deeply depressed.  He had decided to end life, but while he was sitting in his car the radio came on and was playing Third Day's song "Cry out to Jesus." He began to do just that, and God miraculously saved his life.  Third Day was able to play the first song off their album "Hit me Like a Bomb" on the Tonight Show, which Tai said speaks about the moment when we know we need to give our lives to the Lord but we are holding back even though we know that God is going to revolutionize our lives in the most wonderful way possible.  This is Third Day's 20th year as a band, they wanted to do something different with this album while keeping their authentic sound intact.  For a limited time, you can listen the entire album for free at  For more information on Third Day's latest album, visit their website


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