Monday, November 12, 2012

Diabetes Awareness: Motivation for Monday Fitness

Acts 5:16 - "And the people gathered also from the towns and hamlets around Jerusalem, bringing the sick and those troubled with foul spirits and they were all cured."

Millions of Americans, including some of my family members, have diabetes.  This morning Bob and Caroline Scott of the Louisville Athletic Club shared some facts and tips that we need to be aware of concerning this condition.
"This is a great verse that reminds us that God absolutely heals.  Diabetes is a condition that affects about 20.8 million Americans, so I just want to encourage those with diabetes that God can heal you if you ask Him.  November is actually American Diabetes Month, and it is important to be aware of the facts because there is such a large number of Americans with Diabetes.  It is actually a disorder of metabolism that affects the body's ability to produce insulin.  We are seeing a huge increase in the number of children and young people being diagnosed with it.  There are different types of diabetes, but the most common is Type 2.  Between 90-95% of those diagnosed with diabetes have Type 2.  This form is more of a lifestyle condition, and is associated with such things as obesity, family history, and physical inactivity.  So, it's important to point out the important rold that a healthy lifestyle plays in controlling, preventing, and in some cases, reversing the affects of diabetes." Caroline Scott
"Exercise, for those who have diabetes, can improve your blood sugar levels.  Combined with healthy eating, can even help reduce or eliminate the need for glucose lowering medication.  Exercise, as we all known, also keeps our heart healthy.  For those with diabetes this is very important, because you have an increased risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases.  Also, exercise helps you control your weight.  As Caroline mentioned before, Type 2 diabetes is directly associated with obesity.  So just a few things to remember if you are diabetic and decide to start exercising: 1) Always consult a physician, 2) Monitor your blood sugar before, during, and after a workout; 3) It is very important to stay hydrated, 4) Don't overdo it.
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