Saturday, June 9, 2012

Random Kindness & Living Love: Saturday Show

Random Kindness:
From time to time you've heard me talk about Random Acts of Kindness.  It's one of the easiest ways to show people they are loved and to give them hope.  The morning of Saturday, June 16th there will be a city-wide Kindness Mission happening and you can be a part of it.  It's called Love Louisville, and it was organized by Sanctuary Church as a way to show God's Love.  On June 16th they will be rallying together with other churches, businesses, and individuals to show the people of Louisville that God loves them, no strings attached. The greatest message of love is usually a demonstration of that love.  Someone once said to me, "Love is an action.  Compassion is worthless if all you do is feel."  I keep that quote on my bulletin board as a reminder to live a life of love, because that is the legacy that I want to leave.

What is Love Louisville Day?
So what is Love Louisville Day.  It's a day when people all over Louisville will take to the streets with a single purpose: Love. My favorite part is this: any one can get involved.  Churches, businesses, and organizations will be spending one Saturday this coming week to show kindness in various ways throughout our city. We’ll demonstrate God’s love for Louisville through simple acts of service, giving, and mercy ... all with no strings attached.  

June 16, 2012 is Love Louisville's "Summer of Love"
10:00 am. Meet at your church, business, or organization to join a Love Louisville outreach team. Get ready to go out and love somebody!  
10:30 am. Hit the streets with your team to perform Random Acts of Kindness, demonstrating "God's strings." Groups from all over Louisville will be doing the same. Our city is going to experience a Kindness Explosion!
12:30 pm. Meet back at your church, business, or organization. Celebrate everything good that happened during your "Love Louisville" outreach by enjoying lunch together. (We suggest that team leaders arrange to provide a simple, free lunch for their group.)

Let's Love Louisville
Kindness Ideas:
Visit Love Louisville for some great ideas for Random Kindness Missions.  You can also find some great ideas at

Here are a few of my favorites, but the possibilities are endless:
Hand out bottles of water to people walking (works great in parks).
Do yard work for senior adults or families.
Pass out free groceries.
Give away clothes or hold a free "yard sale."
Grill free hot dogs.
Offer to clean a small business's bathrooms.
Pass out small bags of goodies, like candy and chips.
Give someone $2 (or $5) toward their purchase.
Offer to wash cars or windshields for free.

How can I sign up to participate in Love Louisville?
If you're a church, business, or organization that would like to participate as a group, you can register here.
If you're an individual, they will match you up with a group near you

Not Local?
For those viewing this blog from outside the Louisville area, why not take Kindness to the streets of your city.  Get your friends, your church, or your business together and organize your own Random Kindness Mission.

For more info:
For more information in how to get involved, check out these links:
Love Louisville Website and Love Louisville FAQ

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