Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sanctus Real Interview: Morning Show Highlights

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Sanctus Real Interview:
This morning you heard Jim speak with Chris Rohman, guitarist of Sanctus Real and owner of the charred laptop in the photo to the right.  He told us about how the band has been doing since the Tour Bus Fire.  He described that the fire took place in the middle of the night while everyone was sleeping.  They were about 4 hours away from their hometown when their driver saw flames and got everyone off the bus.  Miraculously everyone got out of the bus ok, and they did not lose any musical equipment even though the equipment was all in a trailer attached to the bus during the fire.  He also said that thankfully they have not had to cancel any shows and their summer schedule has helped with this.  Their good friends Casting Crowns let them borrow their own tour bus the weekend of the fire.  They have had several people interested in helping out following the fire.  If you would like to support the Sanctus Real Bus Relief Fund, visit

Fact or Fiction & the 88.5 Days of Summer:
Play Fact or Fiction with us this week at 7:20 am and you could win tickets to Spirit Song at King's Island.  Plus everyone who wins on Fact or Fiction will be registered for the 88.5 Days of Summer Drawing to meet the Newsboys and get VIP tickets to that show. Details available at 88.5 WJIE!

Orange Goodness:
Today's Fact or Fiction was about oranges for no reason other than they are summery and so delicious.  I found a few orange-themed recipes for you.  Don't forget, it's Blueberry Tuesday so I posted another Blueberry Recipe earlier this morning.

Irene's Orange Rolls
Orange Butter
Orange Push-Up Smoothie

Orange Scented Summer Salt Scrub:
I also found directions on how to make a lovely Orange Scented Summer Salt Scrub.  Salt Scrubs are great for keeping your skin healthy during the summer.  

Summer Salt Scrub

Follow and Win:
The Twitter Contest is back for a limited time!  Just follow 88.5 WJIE on Twitter and you will automatically be registered to win 4 tickets for a day at King's Island, including admission to the Spirit Song Festival!  Our twitter handle is @885WJIE, but you can also find the link at  

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